Fit by Design for $199

Fit by Design for $199

Fit by Design for $199

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1.) 4 Fat-Melting Injections Per Month ($200Value) 

With our Fat Melting Injections, you'll be able to trim the stubborn fat in your body to help you lose weight and keep it off, even if everything else has failed for you in the past. 

2.) Personalized Diet And Exercise Plan ($250 Value)
 We provide detox, vegetarian, vegan, and standard weight loss menus for our patients that fit their lifestyle. Our patients' weight loss success rates double by finding a program that fits their body, diet, lifestyle, and habits. 

3.) Habit Transformation Program ($250 Value)
With our trained Health Educators, we help you replace bad habits with empowering ones that'll transform you into a new person, from the inside out.

4.) Group Support Through Private Facebook Group (Priceless)
Access to a private Facebook group where you have 24/7 support from Dr. Goldie and our personal weight loss coach, Coach Carla. Join your peers and get inspired, share, and receive tips, get updates about our group and virtual work out schedules, and help each other reach your weight loss goal through group support.

5.) 1:1 Health Coaching Session ($100 Value)
Weight loss isn't a race but a marathon that needs to be worked on constantly. With 1:1 assisted coaching you'll be able to develop the behaviors needed to achieve your weight loss goals.
Call 872.702.4254 if you have any questions about this medically supervised package.

Total Value $800
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