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Dr. Goldwyn B. Foggie


   Dr. Goldwyn Foggie, also known as, Dr. Goldie is a board certified Obesity Medicine Specialist and OB/GYN. She founded Illinois Wellness and Weight Loss Centers to promote health and wellness through the prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity.

   Her desire to transform lives grew after she lost both her parents to obesity-related illnesses.

   Do you need a program to help you on your quest for better health? Dr. Goldie can help you create a winning solution! She has helped patients lose hundreds of pounds and improve their health.

  Illinois Wellness & Weight Loss Centers promotes weight loss and healthy lifestyles through our weight loss programs, on line courses, health fairs , workshops, body contouring and speaking engagements.

Call our office at 872.702.4254 to schedule a weight loss consultation.

To book Dr. Goldie or Coach Carla for your next health fair, church function or corporate event contact us at illinoiswellness@gmail.com

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